Home automation

Introducing the Rolux Smart Home – The height of Home automation. This is where Smart living begins.

Rolux Smart Home is the height of Home automation technology. It puts you in control and is very simple to use. Monitor and operate various home automated products such as:

  • Roller Shutters
  • Garage Doors
  • Sun Awnings
  • Gates
  • Window Decoration
  • Lights
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Heating

This is all possible via your smartphone or tablet. With this home automation system, you can adjust everything about it, therefore accommodating your personal preferences. You can operate this from any location in the world, as a result of this you are always in control.  Keep an eye on your home using cameras and movement detectors for home surveillance & peace of mind. This is where home automation begins.

Easy & Convenient

– RTS wireless technology means all products are connected wirelessly so you will not need any cables anywhere.
– Easy to use due to an intuitive user interface.
– Instant access to your home wherever you are in the world, furthermore a warning message can be sent to your phone which alerts you to check on your home hence enabling you to deal with unexpected incidents.

– No hidden costs or subscription fees.

-Finally, add products from partners to make your smart home even more complete: Philips Hue lights, Thermostats (Honeywell and Danfoss)

Control from the comfort of your

Effortless control

Control and monitor various home devices from any tablet or computer from anywhere in the world. Set your agenda to suit your lifestyle by using the “agenda feature in the application.

Personalised to your needs

Create scenarios for waking up, leaving the house, going to bed and more. Combine the operation of multiple products and let Rolux Smart Home run your home according to your personal preferences.


Make your home even smarter with sensors to optimise effiency of your connected equipment with sun, temperature, opening, smoke or presence sensors to trigger individual products or full scenarios. For example, if the smoke sensor detects smoke, your roller shutters automatically open and the lights turn on for a safe passage way.

Also, you can create conditional scenarios, for example, if the weather sensor detects a certain temperature, your shutters,awnings, blinds or curtains will automatically close.